Flower Care

Contrary to popular belief of fresh cut flowers lasting for only a short while (5 days or less), their beauty can actually be prolonged for much longer by following these simple steps:

1. Remove bouquet wrapping (if any) and place it into a vase with clean water. 

2. Have the water replaced everyday, to keep the water fresh and prevent any bacteria from growing. Trim half an inch of stem every day to allow a steady flow of nutrients and water.

3. Keep flowers cool and avoid direct sunlight. Misting your flowers can also help cool them down.

4. If you would like your flowers to last even longer, you can opt to add flower food.

Succulent Care

Very minimal care is needed for you plant(s). We provide a Knovus Care card with every purchase. If you have misplaced your care instructions or need more information, please read the following:

How much should I water them?

Having the right amount of water is important - your plant survives well in drought but will die when there is too much water. The amount you should be watering your plant(s) also vary based on where they are placed. For example, if they are placed in the balcony with access to sunlight, you can mist them whenever they look too dry. If indoors, make sure you do not over-water them as evaporation is slower.

For airplants, soak them in a bowl of water for 30 minutes, once every week. Alternatively, you can mist them two to three times a week. Do make sure they are dry before placing them back in.

For succulents, we provide a syringe for every purchase. Do make use of the syringe for watering your plants, and direct it only towards the gravels and not the plant. Add 5ml/10ml/15ml of water (depending on how big your pot is) once a month, or when it is completely dry. 

Where should I place them?

Your plant will survive best when it is placed somewhere with good air flow and sufficient sunlight. When indoors, you can place them under light (for example, right under a lamp) or by the window. If outdoors, anywhere will do.


If you have more questions or need more help, please contact us at hello@knovus.sg or use our contact form here.