What is plant for life and why are we doing it now 


Benefits to You and Society 

1. Enjoy a therapeutic experience during circuit breaker

2. Improve the aesthetic of your room 

3. $5 will be donated to Lee Ah Mood old folks home 

4. Support #SGunited #GoGreen

5. 3 x $1000 cash prizes to be won (terms and conditions apply) 


Plant for Life Kit 


Now at $35 $30.00

Delivered right to your door step! 
1 Pair of sanitised black rubber gloves 
1 Syringe for watering Succulents 
2kg Black Lava Stone and 2kg white Gravel stones 
2kg Coco pit soil 
Kit A - 1 big succulent + 2 small succulent 
Kit B - 4 small succulent 
Kit will be given out randomly 


"Participate now"



 Create and design a recycle pot to have your aesthetically beautiful plants! 


 Planting Succulent tutorial 


How to Win Vouchers and Cash 

10% off Knovus bouquet Voucher (guaranteed) 

1. Post your beautifully potted succulent on facebook and instagram with the hashtag #plantforlife and #laisengflorist 

2. screenshot post and email to 




20% off knovus bouquet Voucher

(guaranteed) and Stand a chance to win $1000 cash (3 winners)

1. Make a less than 3 min video of your PlantForLife Challenge 

2. Post the video on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #laisengflorist #plantforlife 

3. Screenshot post and send video to 


Criteria for $1000 cash prize 

- Creativity of video (40%)

- Design and innovation of the recycle pot (40%)

- facebook likes (10%)

- instagram likes (10%)


Participate Now!